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Eat Good, Feel Good with HAPPIEE! at 21 Local Restaurants with Plant-based Culinary Surprises

It’s time to Eat Good, Feel Good with HAPPIEE! Evoking positivity, HAPPIEE! is a local homegrown brand by Growthwell Foods. Each pack of plant-based happiness is now available for sale at major supermarkets and retailers. With over 30 years of experience, Growthwell is a leading manufacturer of plant-based alternatives for meat and seafood for the Southeast Asian market. As part of its plans to expand beyond its retail packs and bring HAPPIEE! directly to dining tables, Growthwell is collaborating with restaurants in Singapore to create exciting and palatable plant-based dishes.

The HAPPIEE! brand has two meat-free ranges of seafood and chicken selections. The HAPPIEE! seafood range is made with konjac. Konjac is naturally free of cholesterol, high in fibre and low in calories; it can also help lower blood sugar level and reduce cholesterol level. The seafood range includes HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Fishiee Sticks, HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Fishiee Patties and two products exclusive for restaurants’ use only: HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Prawniee and HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Squidiee, both of which will allow chefs to whip up a wider variety of dishes to excite the palate. Made from soy, the HAPPIEE! chicken range consists of HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Chickiee Nuggets and HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Chickiee Popcorn, with a restaurant exclusive item –  HAPPIEE! Breaded Chickiee Patty.

Growthwell has collaborated with 21 restaurants (close to 50 outlets) in Singapore to reimagine their plant-based menus. Plans are also in the pipeline to work with even more restaurants, stay tuned to Now, it is more convenient to embrace sustainable eating and tuck into plant-based mainstays at your favourite hangouts!

The full list of restaurants and the dishes they will offer is as follows: