Our Brands

Tasty & Versatile


Eat good, feel good and be HAPPIEE!™
Made to cater to both consumers and chefs. HAPPIEE!™’s star products include:

  • HAPPIEE!™ Salmoniee Flakes (New-to-market!)
    Versatile and nutritious. Easily integrated into various food items.
  • HAPPIEE!™ Fishiee Sticks and HAPPIEE!™ Chickiee Popcorn
    Quick and tasty bites that satiate even the fussiest of eaters.

Dairy Alternative


Introducing the world’s first plant-based milk made exclusively with chickpeas. EPIC’C™ chickpea milk is crafted with highly functional chickpea protein isolate with a concentrated protein load. We unlock the nutritional goodness of chickpeas and harness their power in our chickpea milk to nourish and delight.

  • Barista Blend: Mild in taste and low in sugar it does not overpower or compromise the taste of coffee.
  • Protein+ Blend: High in Protein and Calcium, Low in Sugar and Fat.
  • Oats Blend: A dynamic blend that combines the health benefits of oats’ fiber with chickpeas’ protein.

Taiwan Cuisine

Ta Ching

The company has developed over 100 different products and seeks to create delicious and healthy vegan cuisine with no preservatives, colourings, or eggs; our goal is to produce clean and healthy plant-based food.