Our Brands

Tasty & Versatile


Eat good, feel good and be HAPPIEE!™
Made to cater to both consumers and chefs. HAPPIEE!™’s star products include:

  • HAPPIEE!™ Salmoniee Flakes (New-to-market!)
    Versatile and nutritious. Easily integrated into various food items.
  • HAPPIEE!™ Fishiee Sticks and HAPPIEE!™ Chickiee Popcorn
    Quick and tasty bites that satiate even the fussiest of eaters.

Authentically Asian


Capturing the comfort and heartiness of an authentic home-cooked meal by our mothers, Gomama™ offers a delicious plant-based food range inspired by the familiar flavours of Southeast Asia. Perfect for sustainability advocates who wish to provide their families with the benefits of plant-based nutrition while cooking without hassle, Gomama™ features a range of ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meals and sauces. Popular products include their full range of Dim Sum and their Asian Sauces inspired by tantalising Asian classics such as Laksa and Curry.

Dairy Alternative


ChicP™, the world’s first chickpea milk with protein content comparable to cow’s milk, provides you with high-quality plant-based protein, calcium, and fibre. With a rich, creamy mouthfeel and foaming ability, the barista edition is great for coffee enthusiasts looking for a more nutritious alternative to other plant-based beverages.

Taiwan Cuisine

Ta Ching

The company has developed over 100 different products and seeks to create delicious and healthy vegan cuisine with no preservatives, colourings, or eggs; our goal is to produce clean and healthy plant-based food.