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What We Do

Growthwell Foods seeks to make plant-based the new normal of food. But getting there means providing ingredients that chefs need to cook up plant-based dishes, or food and beverage companies seeking to integrate alternative protein or dairy in their products.

To make this happen, we invest across the entire plant-based value chain, as well as in our state-of-the-art R&D. For both, we apply only the most stringent of compliance checks to ensure our ingredients are animal safe and free.

That is how we aim to make the world a better place. We are doing so by driving innovation for our valued partners and consumers globally – as part of our mission to nourish 1 billion lives with accessible and affordable plant-based alternatives.

CHICKP - The New, Better Plant Protein Ingredient

The world’s first and only company to produce chickpea protein isolate above 90%, ChickP offers a revolutionary, clean, non-allergenic ingredient that’s neutral in taste, functionality and boasts superb nutritional composition. ChickP protein is developed with zero genetic modification and contains no phytoestrogens. Compared to most other protein substitutes in the market, ChickP offers proteins with smoother texture and stronger emulsion stability – presenting a product superior in taste, texture and nutritional value.
Our Ingredients

Manufacture Alternative

This plant-based food is a revolutionary chickpea protein isolate that’s 90% protein, the perfect manufacturing alternative to meat and dairy.

Our Ingredients

Remarkable Versatility

The world's first chickpea protein isolate that is neutral in taste, thus giving it remarkable versatility.

Our Ingredients

100x Sustainability

Wonderful as a plant-based alternative to meat, and nearly 100 times more sustainable.

Our Ingredients

Dairy Replacement

Great replacement for gluten-free baking, desserts, energy bars, spreads, dressing, drinks, and condiments.

Our Ingredients

100% Clean

No GMO, soy, gluten, additives, allergens, or oestrogen.

Our Ingredients

Simply For You

Right plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian range for food manufacturing, running a HORECA business, or cooking at home.

Cuisine Varieties

Growthwell Food Services

If you are in the food service and hotel sector, we have got the right range of plant-based, vegan and vegetarian options for you. All ingredients and products under Growthwell Food Services are developed at our fully automated, large-scale production line – employing meticulous sourcing and insightful R&D to offer a wide range of food products. No matter the need, we provide chefs, restaurants and hotels with trusty, plant-based solutions to complement their creations.

To date, Growthwell Food Services ingredients can be found in the dishes of restaurants and chains such as Greendot, Ola Beach Club, Bangkok Jam, and Holy Crab.